Cooper-Hewitt National Design Library Announces $75K Fundraising Goal

Novices, experts, students, and scholars agree that the extraordinary collections of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Library are the premier resource in the United States for books, trade catalogs, serials, pictures, and archival material covering design and decorative art from the Renaissance to the present.  The National Design Library features more than 6,500 treasures including 16th century lace patterns guides, rare 18th century brass and furniture trade catalogs, historic home decorating periodicals, and over 700 pop-up books.

These are a few of our favorite things…

In addition to requests for donations, the Smithsonian Libraries builds its collections through a series of Amazon Wish Lists. The books featured in the wish lists not only fill core research needs for the Libraries, they enhance the collections with materials that may seem peripheral but can be vital to a researcher’s study. Through the wish lists, the Libraries also brings the input of our donors and patrons into the collection building process. We hope you’ll peruse the wish lists shown here and find that selection which furthers both the Libraries and your own mission for the increase and diffusion of knowledge. National Air & Space Museum Library Wish List 2012 – Cooper-Hewitt Library Wish List 2011 – National Museum of African Art, Warren M. Robbins Library – National Museum of the American Indian, Vine Deloria, Jr. Library –  

From Hanzaki to Hellbender

Like Wade, following the names and descriptions associated with the Japanese Giant Salamander (Hynobius nebulosus, Andrias japonicus, Cryptobranchidae, just to name a few) finally led me to the Smithsonian Channel’s Nick Baker, and his adventures with the Hellbender, North America’s own Giant Salamander Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures. Yes, I knew I was back in the States when reading out the aliases of the Hellbender–“snot otter,” “mud-devil,” “grampus.”

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