Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

To celebrate the 16th president’s birthday the Libraries has many items in its collections. Here are some highlights.

Thanksgiving Day in America

The Smithsonian American Art/National Portrait Gallery Library houses two issues, November 29, 1862 and December 3, 1864, of Harper’s Weekly containing illustrations depicting troops celebrating Thanksgiving at the front. The illustrations were done for the newspaper by Winslow Homer (1836-1910), who is regarded as one of America’s finest artists.

Seven score and six years ago…

Continuing the Gettysburg address theme from yesterday, here is a post from the National Postal Museum Library… November 19th marks the 146th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In 1948, the U.S. Post Office issued a 3-cent commemorative stamp on the occasion of the 85th anniversary. The image of a contemplative Lincoln appearing on the stamp was inspired by the statue of Lincoln standing, created by Daniel Chester French  located at the State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska. The inscription, “THAT GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH” is a direct quotation from the address. The stamp was designed by Charles R. Chickering. The National Postal Museum Library maintains a file of the correspondence, photographs, and other materials surrounding the creation of this and many other stamps, collectively called the “Stamp Design Files”. Materials from both the Museum and the Library’s Stamp Design Files were digitized for the online exhibition “From Postmaster to President: Celebrating Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Through Stamps & more »

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