For bicyclists and shutter bugs

This post was written by Adrian Vaagenes, volunteer in the National Museum of American History library. In the last five years, the Go-Pro, the durable HD camera of daredevils the world over, has become ubiquitous. Whether out on the trails or on the streets, it’s not uncommon to see a bicyclist documenting his or her latest excursions. Photography and bicycles have a long history, literally growing up together, with both  the first more »

Taking a Trip Back in Time with the Camera

Today with digital cameras, it has become so easy to take lots of photos and instantly see the pictures.  But let’s take a trip back in time to 1897 when cameras were a little different.

Polaroid Land Camera Introduced in February 1947

Edwin H. Land introduced the Polaroid instant camera on February 21, 1947. The Libraries has a great and varied assortment of polaroid trade catalogs in its trade literature collection. Being part of the Smithsonian definitely has it perks. As librarians of the National Museum of American History Library were helping me put together this post it occured to them to also contact the Photographic History Collection of the National Museum of American History. That department's wonderful staff photographed Edwin Land's 95A—with his initials—the first one off the assembly line. Working here, one is never sure what Smithsonian treasures may cross one's path in a day's work.—Elizabeth Periale Thanks to Alexia MacClain, Chris Cottrill and Lu Rossignol (who photographed the catalogs) of the National Museum of American History Library . Thanks to Shannon Perich, Ryan Lintelman and Hugh Talman (who photographed the cameras) of the National Museum of American History Photographic History Collection. Note: The camera, when closed, has Edwin H. Land's initials on the case. Related links: Polaroid Archives Provide A Snapshot of History

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