Hidden Collection — Artist’s Books

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL) has a “hidden collection” of artists’ books that is underused by researchers and the public. Artists’ books are diverse in form and concept, making them difficult to define.

Artist’s Books on Display at the AAPG Library

This installation is part of a larger project to discover and highlight the artists’ books in the Smithsonian Institution’s art libraries. A team of Smithsonian Institution librarians and interns is analyzing the accessibility of the collection through the library catalog; investigating new ways to explore the collection through digitization and social media.

Listen, Listen: Adadam Agofomma — A Fine-Press Artists’ Book in the Warren M. Robbins National Museum of African Art Library

Listen, listen. This is a story about paper, printing, and a book. But first, it is a story about music.

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