Twelfth Night Traditions: A Cake, a Bean, and a King

Have you heard of a cake with a bean baked into it and the man who finds the bean becomes King for the night?  That is just one tradition associated with Twelfth Night, but there are many more customs and traditions for this holiday.  Several items mentioning Twelfth Night are located at the National Museum of American History Library, like the 1923 Dennison’s Christmas Book by Dennison Mfg. Co.

A Homemade Christmas

Do you make your own holiday decorations?  Have you ever wanted to make your own decorations?  Or do you remember making decorations and gifts in school as a child?  This 1923 booklet, Dennison’s Christmas Book, by Dennison Manufacturing Co. includes suggestions for Christmas, New Year, and Twelfth Night parties.  For now, let’s take a look at the Christmas decorations.

If You’re Planning A Party . . .

One of the fascinating things about the Libraries’ trade literature collection is that it not only showcases companies from the past in American industry, but it can also trace the development of companies that still exist today.

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