Library Hacks: Creating Animated GIFs

It might be a sign of a twisted mind, but I can’t help imagining illustrations and pictures from old books coming to life. Lucky for me, we live in a time when tools for making my twisted dreams come true are readily available. Below, I’m going to go through the basic steps I take in order to turn images collected from our digitized books into the animated GIFs the Smithsonian Libraries posts more »

Highlights from the Cultural Heritage Library

Did you know our Digital Library now hosts the Cultural Heritage Library (CHL)? Some things remain the same. You can browse the collection’s subject headings or list of authors to discover the collection, or if you are looking for a particular art, history, or culture book published before 1923, use the search box.

Looking back at IFLA conference

An annual conference attracting over 3,500 attendees from over 120 countries, and with translation services in the 7 official IFLA languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish), the event feels like a library conference mixed with a UN meeting.

Smithsonian Libraries Surpasses 10,000 Items in Digital Repository

In February the Libraries deposited the 10,000th publication in the Smithsonian Digital Repository, part of the Smithsonian Research Online program. This milestone was achieved with a collaborative paper by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute researcher Ben Hirsch and the Smithsonian’s National Zoo geneticist Jesus Maldonado.

Galaxy of Images in D-LIB Magazine!

We are pleased to announce that the Galaxy of Images is the featured collection in this month’s D-LIB Magazine. D-LIB is an online journal of digital library research. Its informative articles are made freely available by funding from the Corporation for National Research Initiatives and other sponsors.

Code4Lib 2011 Conference in Bloomington, IN

On February 7-10, Web Developer Joel Richard attended the Code4Lib conference held at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Sub-freezing weather aside, the conference was a hotbed of software developers, metadata experts and computer people getting together to discuss their latest work in developing software, websites, tools and technologies that support the mission of libraries across the country and the world!

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