Digital Sandbox: Feeds, Firefox and Fiscal Prudence

Inspiration:  Gary Price’s talk on Beyond 23 Things.  Price helps to put out  and I especially thought readability was interesting, as well as a wiki of library sites for mobile devices RSS feeds: One of the easiest ways to subscribe in Outlook is to find the RSS button (the orange one with waves)  and choose the Outlook option.  For more information, try typing RSS in the help bar at the top right of Outlook. Many sites, including this blog, have a twitter account that can act similar to an RSS feed.   Firefox plugins:   Under Tools, go to Add ons, and search.  Alternately, you can go to Firefox’s add-ons page to search for more. Some favorites are AnyColor to change the color of Firefox, Capture Fox to record my screen,, Echofon (a twitter client) and YammerFox (for,’s plugin, and Hyperwords. Hyperwords is an extension that will let you select text through the right-click, and do insane amounts of stuff to it,  such as search, reference, highlight, buy, share, translate, tag, and otherwise destroy the world.  If you do a Google search of something more »

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