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December 4, 2013

Throughout the year, the Smithsonian Libraries works with brand managers at the Smithsonian Enterprises to develop products based on unique items in our collection. From sleigh beds to weather vanes, our books have inspired a variety of merchandise! Not only are they neat items, but a portion of the proceeds comes back to the Libraries for the care and maintenance of our collection. Below is a list of perfectly giftable items just more »

It’s That Shopping Time of Year

To teach children the stretch of fingers necessary to play a full-sized piano, the keys on these toy pianos were spaced the same distance apart as the keys on a full-sized piano.

Only Five Shopping Days Left!

Sears Christmas Book, Sears, Roebuck & Company, Chicago: 1956, Cover  From the Libraries exhibtion, Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration, which is currently on view in the National Museum of American History.  There is also an online version of the exhibition.—Elizabeth Periale

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