American Art and Portrait Gallery Library Celebrates their Volunteers and the Allentown Art Museum Vertical File Donation

April is volunteer appreciation month and the American Art and Portrait Gallery (AAPG) Library would like to take the opportunity to highlight both the completion of a project as well as the volunteers that made it happen. The Allentown Art Museum donated their collection of artist vertical files to the AAPG Library in early November 2014 that consisted of ephemeral materials related to nearly 4,600 artists. The AAPG library was especially interested more »

More cheers for our volunteers!

  Why limit our appreciation for our volunteers to just one month? Here are a few more of our stellar volunteers that help keep the Smithsonian Libraries running!

Three cheers for our volunteers!

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and boy, do we ever appreciate our wonderful volunteers! The dozens of volunteers placed with us at the Smithsonian Libraries truly help us run. They include students, professionals, retirees and even former Libraries staff members. Here are a few special volunteers who help make our organization great. A heart-felt “thank you” to each and every one, as well as all of the other amazing folks behind the more »

Help transcribe a treasure!

Are you itching to contribute to the wealth of knowledge at the Smithsonian? Well, now you can from the comfort of your own home (or local coffee shop or library or bus station . . .).  The Smithsonian Institution is recruiting “virtual volunteers” to help unlock some of the mysteries in our collection through the Transcription Center.

Spotlight on: Preservation Volunteers

The Libraries' Book Conservation Lab is pleased to introduce volunteer Andra Risch. Each of our volunteers is essential in helping with the constant workflow within general collections care. Andra Risch has been volunteering in our lab for a full year! During this time, Andra constructed dozens of custom four-flap enclosures, created barcodes and labels for completed treatments, and cleaned spines on books needing repair (a very tedious, messy task). Andra is currently working on meticulous paper cleaning and repair on a series of fashion magazines from the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Before moving to the D.C. area, Andra lived outside of Portland, Oregon where she was exploring her career options in art and conservation. Andra has previously lived in Rome and is a prolific baker and gardener. Andra has also been a certified scuba diver since the age of 17. All of our volunteers help complete many tedious and meticulous tasks that are essential in everyday preservation operations. The current economic conditions have affected all departments of the Libraries, and the more »

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