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Featuring: Robot

Featuring a title from the Libraries' pop-up book collection and current exhibition, Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn.

 Robot is a wonderful example of a multi-action pop-up/movable book where each illustrated, brightly colored page includes flaps, pull-tabs, and other mechanisms. Jan Pieńkowski, born in Poland, worked in England as an illustrator, children’s author, and creator of greeting cards. He has designed more than 17 pop-up books working with some of the most innovative paper engineers of the day—in this case James Roger Diaz, Tor Lokvig, Marcin Stajewski. These engineers and Pieńkowski worked regularly with Wally Hunt at Intervisual Communications—a major producer of pop-ups in the 1980s. Here the robot dramatically lifts off the page surface as the tab is pulled.

Stephen Van Dyk

Robot. Written and illustrated by Jan Pieńkowski. Paper engineering by James Roger Diaz, Tor Lokvig and Marcin Stajewski New York: Delacorte Press, 1981.

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