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Month: August 2014

Spotlight: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Library

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden was established in 1974 as a beacon of the art of our time. This year, the museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a series of exhibitions and projects drawn from and inspired by our expansive library collection including Salvatore Scarpitta: Traveler Days of Endless Time, and Speculative Forms, featuring installations that re-examine key moments and figures in modern and contemporary art. Since its inception, the museum’s library has provided critical service to the staff and the public. Librarians ensure the availability of books and files on artists in the museum collection, exhibitions, and programs. Researchers, curators, conservators, and the public rely on the Library to supply the most current resources.

Cut-To-Fit Homes

If you were looking for a new home in the summer of 1919, you might have considered a Sterling Cut-To-Fit Home. This 1919 International Mill & Timber Co. trade catalog, Selecting Your Home, describes the Sterling System Homes. These houses came in different styles and sizes–one story, two story, large, and small. The catalog includes page after page of illustrations, floor plans, and descriptions.

Advancement intern enjoys a taste of DC

Kelly Baxter 1This post was written by Kelly Baxter, Advancement Intern.

Like so many, I have always been very fond of libraries. I’ve tried to live by the motto that “one should live and work in places where there are books strewn about” and I’ve fared pretty well on that front so far. Yet despite my lifelong affinity for all things bookish, others are generally surprised to discover that I am currently channeling the knowledge I am picking up in library science graduate school into exploring library fundraising and advancement. The Smithsonian Libraries were not surprised, however, and awarded me a professional development internship with their Advancement Office for six weeks this summer to learn more about their gift-in-kind program.

Mary Smith’s Commonplace book of science and mathematics added to Transcription Center

Mary Smith's personal bookplate
Mary Smith’s personal bookplate

Mary Smith’s Commonplace book concerning science and mathematics  is a remarkable manuscript for several reasons. 1) It contains a wide breadth of information on the sciences of the mid to late 18th century 2) Mary Smith collected and compiled the information at a time when women were still not widely educated.