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Author: Sara Snyder

Sara Snyder has been webmaster at the Archives of American Art since 2007. Her interests include digital outreach, new media, and improving the user experience for online researchers. She holds an MLS in archival studies and an MA in American history from the University of Maryland.

Editing Wikipedia: Better with friends, and best with librarians!

Smithsonian WLL 2012 Barnstar
SIL’s WLL Barnstar

This post was written by guest author Sara Snyder, Webmaster at the Archives of American Art.

Have you ever tried to write or edit a Wikipedia article? It can be really a fun and rewarding experience, especially for library, archives, or museum professionals, since we are often passionately dedicated to sharing knowledge. If you have tried it, then you already know that it is not easy for newcomers to just jump in and start editing. The design of the wiki interface can be intimidating, and the norms and rules of the Wikipedia online community can be mystifying. New editors often have their work changed or reverted, which frustrates them.