2009 Collections Highlights

The Libraries' National Museum of American History Library has acquired some new and interesting items this year: The Libraries accepted a collection of mail order catalogs from Dr. Saul Zalesch, Assistant Professor of Art History at Louisiana Tech University.  Dr. Zalesch donated 10,000 catalogs, originating from approximately 1,500 corporate sources. The catalogs are in mint condition and include companies such as National Geographic, Elvis, Barbie, Franklin Mint, Macy’s, Walmart, Eddie Bauer, Land’s End, L.L. Bean, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Avon. This broad collection focuses on consumer culture from 1993-2006, and will be valuable to cultural historians of the next generation.—Lu Rossignol and Liz O’Brien

School Days

It’s “Back to School” time! Getting ready for the new year means shopping not only for school supplies but also for the latest in fashions. The trade literature collection at the National Museum of American History Library includes catalogs featuring school furnishings, classroom supplies, and fashions for students of all ages.–Alexia MacClain and Mary Ann Wilson Top: Beckley-Cardy Company, Catalog of Books Helps and Supplies for Teachers and Schools, Chicago, Illinois, 1918 Middle and bottom: Morris & Company, Inc., Paul Jones Middy Garments, Baltimore, Maryland

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