Happy Birthday Mark Twain

by Smithsonian Digital Library

If you don't have a white picket fence to dupe some neighborhood kids into painting, why not check out some books from the Libraries' collections by and about pseudonymous birthday boy Mark Twain?

Mark Twain and the tall tale imagination in nineteenth-century America, by James Edward Caron.

Turn west, turn east: Mark Twain and Henry James, by Henry Seidel Canby.

The Oxford companion to Mark Twain, editor, Gregg Camfield.

Letters from the earth, [by] Mark Twain [pseud.] Edited by Bernard DeVoto. With a pref. by Henry Nash Smith.

Papa, an intimate biography of Mark Twain, by Susy Clemens, his daughter, thirteen; with a foreword and copious comments by her father; edited with an introduction by Charles Neider.

Roughing it, by Mark Twain [pseud.]


Elizabeth Periale


Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla's lab, 1894 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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