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Smithsonian Contributions series now available online!

The Smithsonian has a long and rich history of research and scientific publication. As part of an overall plan for digitization of the collections, the Smithsonian Libraries has tackled the rich and varied output of Smithsonian scholarly publications.

We’re please to announce today that the Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press and the Smithsonian Institution Libraries have completed the digitization of legacy volumes of the Smithsonian Contributions
Series. PDFs are available online at

This is the single largest
digitization project to date to be completed by the Smithsonian of legacy print collections. It includes
1,072 volumes (more than 107,000 pages) of Smithsonian research in a wide range
of subject areas.

All publications are free to users around the world!

The following Series
are now available as high-resolution PDFs:

  • Smithsonian Annals of Flight (1964-1974)
  • Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology (1965-present)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to Astrophysics (1956-1974)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to Botany (1969-present)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to Folklife Studies (1980-1990)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to History and Technology (1969-present; formerly Smithsonian
    Studies in History and Technology)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to the Earth Sciences (1969-2002)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to the Marine Sciences (1977-present)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to Paleobiology (1969-present)
  • Smithsonian
    Contributions to Zoology (1969-present)
  • Smithsonian Studies
    in Air and Space (1977-1990)

Additional Smithsonian publication series are currently being scanned and will be available in the coming months.

For more information about the Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, visit their website.

– Martin Kalfatovic

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