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Sil28-54-01As you browse the Libraries extensive image site, Galaxy of Images, you might run across this Baedeker from the online exhibition Nile Notes of a Howadji: American Travelers in Egypt. The title page is inscribed "Lucy H. Baird." Why would the Smithsonian Libraries have this particular travel guide book of this particular lady?

Lucy H. Baird was the
daughter of the Institution's second Secretary, Spencer F.
. Baird became Secretary in 1878 and was instrumental in establishing a United States National Museum which would eventually become the Smithsonian Institution.

The Libraries has also named its donor recognition group the Spencer Baird Society in honor of this Secretary and his support of libraries. All gifts are welcome, but donors of $500 or more take advantage of special Baird Society tours and events throughout the course of the year.

There are many interesting images and links to explore throughout Galaxy of Images that will tell you more about the Libraries. Give it a try! —Elizabeth Periale

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