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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

DSCN0990DSCN0993Today the Smithsonian Institution is celebrating “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work,” an opportunity for staff to bring their children into the museums and research centers for hands-on learning.  I remember thinking as a child, “What do my mom and dad do all day at work?” This day combines education with fun to give children a glimpse into the mysterious working world.

Organized by Library technicians Richard Naples and Phu Pham, the Libraries participated in this event by hosting “Make Your Own Book with the Libraries.” Young boys and girls created natural history-themed books using felt paper, twigs, crayons, and an array of stickers and other materials. Not only were the children interested in making the colorful twig-bound books, but the parents seemed to get into the project as well, assembling their own book creations and asking questions about the Libraries book conservation techniques. A great time was had by the children, parents, and Smithsonian Libraries staff!—Liz O'Brien


  1. Grace Duke

    Just wanted to say thanks to Richard and Phu for organizing this event. It was a great opportunity to interact with not only the participating children, but also fellow staff members. Perhaps a similar event geared towards the staff should be organized for a future date…a staff “bonding” event?

  2. elizabeth

    Grace’s idea is terrific and I’d love to participate!

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