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Introducing…Digital Services Division

_DSC0634Edit L-R: Grace Duke, Richard Naples, Alvin Hutchinson, David Holbert, Keri Thompson, Martin Kalfatovic, Conrad Ziyad, Erin Thomas, Erin Clements Rushing

This newly renamed division is headed by Martin Kalfatovic, Assistant Director for Digital Services. The Digital Services Division (DSD) oversees all digital services for the Libraries including the web presence, coordination of web 2.0 activities, digitization of Libraries' content through both its own Imaging Center and contracted services, and imaging use (including image licensing and product development & licensing).

Information Services Unit—Alvin Hutchinson heads up this newly organized unit. Richard Naples reports to Alvin and works on all unit projects. Conrad Ziyad works on projects in this unit as well as in other units of the Division. Alvin is the Libraries representative to the Smithsonian’s Information Technology Management Committee (ITMC) and is the liaison to the Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer on desktop support issues. The Information Services unit provides the following services to Smithsonian and Libraries staff:

  • Maintains and promotes Smithsonian Research Online (SRO),, the program that consists of the Smithsonian Research Bibliography and the Smithsonian Digital Repository (SDR). The SRO serves as the record of Smithsonian scholarly output in all formats. The SDR maintains digital copies of much of this scholarly output.
  • Provides support for other technology systems including ILLiad and Odyssey.
  • Technical support for desktop applications not covered by OCIO. Richard Naples is the key person in the Division for questions related to moving computers, printers, etc.

Web Services Unit—Keri Thompson heads up this newly organized unit. The Web Services unit replaces much of the functionality of the previous New Media Office. Keri’s chief responsibilities are day-to-day maintenance and enhancement of the website, production of new digital projects on the web, and database management. She serves as the main contact to the OCIO’s Web Services Division. Keri is also the coordinator for all Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) scanning. In this task, she is assisted by two library technicians, Grace Duke and Erin Thomas. Erin and Grace’s primary duties are related to the review and scanning of materials for the BHL project.

Imaging Center —David Holbert coordinates all activities at the Imaging Center located at Pennsy Drive, near Landover Md. David is also our resident expert in imaging technology. The Imaging Center serves as the primary location for digitization of more fragile Libraries material and those that need rush or other special treatment. The Imaging Center maintains both an overhead scanning back camera with book cradle and a large format flatbed scanner.

Image Management and Product Development & Licensing—Erin Clements Rushing coordinates all image use for the Libraries. Erin works extensively with Libraries staff to transfer materials from their locations to the Imaging Center or externally to the Libraries for contract digitization services. As the main contact with Smithsonian Enterprises, Erin works with the Smithsonian’s Product Development & Licensing unit to create a wide variety of licensed images that are sold in Smithsonian shops as well as through catalogs and retail outlets. She also coordinates all direct licensing of Libraries' content with publishers, video producers, and others. Erin is the point person for copyright and other rights issues. She is not a lawyer, but she is in regular contact with the Smithsonian’s Office of the General Counsel to assist Libraries staff in questions related to intellectual property.—Martin Kalfatovic


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