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Ninette Dean joins the Administrative Services Department

Dean2_DSC0606Ninette Dean has accepted a new position for the Libraries as a Management Support Specialist with the Administrative Services Office.

Her new job includes assisting with contracts, completing purchase orders and performing other administrative duties.

Prior to her new position, Ninette was a cataloger for the Libraries’ Technical Services Department.

Some fun facts about Ninette (courtesy of Ninette)…

I was in the Fencing Club in college.

I belong to a business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.

I love to bake…my other hobbies are gardening, photography, riding a Harley.

Paris is my favorite city even though I don’t speak French. But every time I go to France I am always asked in French by someone for directions.

I don’t speak German even though I lived there for 3 years.

I did volunteer work at the White House.

I have been trained as a Disaster Relief worker for the Red Cross.

Congratulations, Ninette!—Liz O'Brien


  1. Richard

    Your baking rocks! when was that national cherry tart day?

  2. Thank you for that informative post. I really love to read articles that have good information and ideas to share to each reader. I hope to read more from you guys and continue that good work that is really inspiring to us.

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