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Spotlight on…Richard Naples

In-the-shrubs Library Technician Richard Naples began working for the Libraries' new Digital Services Division on November 1, 2008. His primary responsibilities include supporting a wide range of Libraries staff information technology needs, such as workstation hardware and software. Naples also organizes one-on-one and class training sessions for staff, and is active in creating new automated tools to make the work of Libraries staff easier. Over the past year, Naples has been integral to writing and editing the Libraries' Strategic Plan.

Prior to coming to the Digital Services Division, Naples worked for over eight years in the Libraries' Preservation Services Department, where he fulfilled a variety of roles. In his time at Preservation he repaired and rehoused thousands of items, and helped to improve the efficiency and quality of the general collections care program. Naples also played an essential part in the selection and maintenance of an environmental monitoring system for the Libraries’ special and unique collections, something he has taken with him to this new position. He has had formal training in statistics, and in the future he will assist in the collection and analysis of data regarding Libraries use and workflow.

Naples, a California native who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, is known around the Libraries as the primary source for “D.C. information”the latest restaurants, shows, museum events and other cultural activities. He is an Oberlin College graduate, with a B.A. cum laude in Sociology. An avid traveler, Naples has visited Europe twice in the last two years and is already planning future excursions. In his spare time, he enjoys running, crafting and trying out unusual vegetarian and baking recipes.

An information technology enthusiast, Richard has the following web sites to share:

His favorite tech website:
His favorite podcast: Good Food on KCRW
Sites he checks obsessively: ,,

—Alvin Hutchinson and Liz O'Brien

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