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Libraries Users Survey—Question 1

Survey-1 Claire Catron, Head, Interlibrary Loan Office, Vicki Avera, Special Project Manager and Librarian Polly Lasker initiated a users survey as part of the Libraries strategic planning efforts to connect with users by monitoring user trends. The survey was limited to short time users, including fellows, interns, researchers and contract workers. This group was targeted because they are at the Smithsonian for a limited time and normally use Libraries resources heavily. It was also reasoned that this Survey-1agroup presumably came from major educational facilities and research institutions with exceptional resources.

 The core questions of the survey were decided upon by Catron, Avera and Lasker. The first phase of the survey included users expiring from mid-May through the end of June 2009. Phase 2, July—August, is currently being emailed to short time users. Phase 3, September—December and Phase 4 January—April 2010, are to follow. The first phase of the survey was emailed to 105 users. 85 received the survey, 28 completed it, giving a response rate of 33%.

In a series of upcoming posts we will share a sneak preview of the survey analysis gathered so far for the summer (phase 2, July – August) survey. Stay tuned for more user reponses as we compile them.—Claire Catron

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