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Entomological Society of Iran

Ent iran4

Libraries' featured exchange partner for September
2009 is the Entomological Society of
Iran, which is located in Tehran. The Society was established in 1968 by a group
of agricultural studies graduates from Iran and elsewhere. The Plant
Pest & Diseases Research Institute of Iran
(PPDR Institute), which
was officially inaugurated in September 1964, was also actively engaged in
establishing the society.

It is one of the oldest scientific societies in
Iran, and was founded to improve research in pure and applied entomology (general,
agricultural, medical) and related disciplines, such as pesticide
sciences. They achieve this goal by way
of seminars and congresses, by the publication of the Society journal (Journal of the Entomological
Society of Iran) and newsletter,
and by publication exchanges with other groups, organizations, and institutions
around the world.

Upon our unsolicited receipt of the publication Entomologie
et Phytopathologie Appliquees
in 1972 from the PPDR, we established an
exchange with the Society in which we send them our Smithsonian
Contributions to Zoology
(entomology issues) in exchange for their journal. This exchange continues indefinitely. Below are some of the early letters we have
on file, documenting the start of the exchange and some miscellaneous
correspondence.—Dana Feil and Polly Khater

Top: 1972 letter requesting establishment of partnership

Middle: 1972 letter confirmation partnership

Bottom: 1989 letter

Copy of ent iran1

Copy of ent iran2

Copy of ent iran3

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  1. I often wonder just how involved the government is in these developing nations. It appears that they do have somewhat of a grasp on what they need to do to be contributing members of the world. I’m glad to see things like this. They need to be broad casted more.

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