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From Beowulf to Libraries and beyond…

The Libraries has been working with the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center's Kindergarten class this year on a variety of educational activities. A visit earlier this year was featured in Smithsonian online newsletter The Torch.

Most recently, afternoon enrichment teacher Josh Beasley invited Elizabeth Periale from the Libraries to share a book from her personal collection—a reproduction  of the Bayeux Tapestry—with the children. Beasley tied the Bayeux Tapestry to themes from stories like Hamlet and Beowulf that he had adapted for the children, along with concepts like the "Everywhere Library" as well as great libraries that hold treasured books, such as the Cotton Library, Bodleian Library and our own Cullman Library. The children effortlessly found related images and themes throughout the truly enriching lesson.

The adventures will continue . . . —Elizabeth Periale, photos by Liz O'Brien


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