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Libraries Users Survey Continues

FallSurveyThe Fall 2009 Library Survey for Fellows, Interns & Short Time Users was delivered to 131 users who were scheduled to leave the Libraries  from October thru December 31, 2009. 

Of the 131 users, 45 completed the survey giving us a response rate of 34%. This is average as the Late Spring and Summer Surveys combined had a response rate of 33%.

Many of the users responses were similar to those of the previous surveys.

  •                 They love our knowledgeable and helpful staff!
  •                 They would like to see more e-resources
  •                 They would like more training on available library resources

We did receive some new and interesting comments. As always I would like to thank Polly Lasker, Vicki Avera and Richard Naples for assisting/collaborating to make this survey possible.—Claire Catron

Previous survey results may be viewed here, here and here.


  1. I personally am quite disappointed with the type of people who spend their days in the library. Mostly is homeless people who have nowhere else to go.
    If you are homeless and spend all day in the library, LEARN something that will help you get out of the situation you’re in!

  2. Please add me to the long list of people who appreciate the works of Smithsonians and all librarians over the world. You are magnificent, guys.

  3. It’s good to know about these things. Though, the love for knowledge and improvement must not remain only on books, but must be expressed and practiced. Great job!

  4. ISL

    I have always wanted to see more e-resources though I do love the traditional stuff as well.

  5. peluang usaha ahasu gnaulep

    im still need library to find more resources

  6. I love to read and I read something everyday, I would like to see more e-resources as well that are available to everyone.

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