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National Dog Biscuit Day . . .

. . . was yesterday – but it's never to late to read about man's best friend!

Robert Laurent Sleeping Dog 1920

Robert Laurent, Sleeping Dog, 1920, crayon and pencil, 17 1/16 x 22 1/8 in., Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase 

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and no one knows that better than man’s best friend. And when the day has gone to the dogs, they are in the dog house, sick as a dog and dog tired, nothing can make a top dog feel better than a good ol’ fashioned biscuit. So today we honor that treat of treats, that reward which, when given, leaves Rovers the world over as happy as a flea in a doghouse. (Of course, when it comes to the subject of fleas it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.)

According to the Milk-Bone web site, the brand was developed in 1908 by the F. H. Bennett Biscuit Company in New York City. The bakery created a hard, bone-shaped biscuit out of minerals, meat products, and cow’s milk that would eventually be called a “Milk-Bone.” The recipe remained relatively unchanged until 1979 when Milk-Bone introduced a beef flavored biscuit, paving the way for the variety of flavors found today. Nowadays dog biscuits can be as exotic as the breeds found at the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Where a Xoloitzcuintli might enjoy a Pumpkin & Blueberry flavored treat, a Kooikerhondje may prefer a Green Beef Tripe with Atlantic Kelp biscuit. And while that may sound like a dog’s breakfast to you, to them it is proof that every dog has its day . . .—Carrie Carter 

Looking for a friend? Consider adopting.

Already have one? Consider a special treat.


  1. James

    Glad the Smithsonian acknowledges this very important day. Good article.

    • Hey I discovered this website to be actually interesting Bookmarked! I hope you do not mind if I refer your blog on mine Thanks Richard

  2. Chip

    Thanks for bringing awareness to National Dog Biscuit day…for my dog’s sake, I’ve marked it on my calendar for years to come. (Looks like Laurent’s dog could have used a few extra dog biscuits!)

  3. Justin

    It’s strange how there are so many unusual flavors of dog biscuit around the world. I thought it was only right that dogs eat beef-flavored biscuits until I moved to South Korea where my dog eats fruit-flavored biscuits.

  4. Dimitri

    Pumpkin & Blueberry flavored treat? Our best friends should be sharing with their best friends. Enjoyable recognition piece of a holiday previously unknown to moi. Thanks!

  5. Tom

    Amusing, but also informative. Very nice article.

  6. LaLoni Rice

    I absolutely loved this article and the writer did a wonderful job! I didn’t realize there was such a day and loving my little critters is my world. So I have marked it on the calendar and say hats off to the writer for putting this together. Thanks.

  7. Judy Coon

    Interesting! I’ve handed out many a dog biscuit over the years but never thought about how they came to be.

  8. Susan

    What a wonderful article; very punny! Nice tribute to a fun day. However, we should all be aware that yesterday was pig day, a very important celebration! Thanks to the Smithsonian and thanks to the writer.

  9. Diane

    Very interesting little article, packed full of information which we and our dogs are happy to know. Will look forward to celebrating every year, now. Thank you!

  10. Mo and Jack

    Woof! Woof!!! We’re sending Mom out to buy us treats for a belated celebration.

  11. Grant

    ahhh…this article was just what I needed after a heavy day’s work and depressing news of world events. Keep up the doggy-style!

  12. David

    This makes me wonder if there is a similar celebration for cats…National Catnip Day? And if not, are cats jealous? Are cats even capable of jealousy? So many questions for the Smithsonian to explore!

  13. My dog and I celebrated the day yesterday (Sunday). I made her some homemade dog biscuits. I just couldn’t do that during the week. Which brings me to ask, is the holiday always on February 23?

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