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Baltimore Album Quilts

IMG_8500 There was a 19th century quilting tradition promoted by Methodists in Baltimore which is now known as Baltimore Album quilts. They are a form of friendship quilt where each stitcher can make a square, and then the images are pieced together in blocks to create patterns and images. Traditional colors include reds and greens and white, often with “lattice” or framing around each image.

The images are appliquéd (hand –stitched needle turning), or reverse appliquéd (which you might know from Cuna Indian mola work).

I decided to make this first quilt for my guest bedroom, after taking a quilting class with Jean Reger of Bowie. It is full of images from my own life and loves.—Courtney Shaw

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  1. This quilt is very creative, such a culture should be carried forward, so that more people understand and learn

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