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Diving with Dolphins

Roger Conklin, Fabulous Miami Seaquarium

Roger Conklin, Fabulous Miami Seaquarium

June is Zoo and Aquarium Month. 

The Libraries has a wonderful collection of guidebooks and related materials from zoos and aquariums across the world, showcased in the digital collection, Zoos: A Historical Perspective:

"It is clear from these illustrated works that zoological parks have served many different purposes throughout the years. In the past, zoos have doubled as recreation areas and amusement parks in addition to being a showplace for what many once viewed as "nature's oddballs." Animal rides, sporting events and even ballroom dancing were held on zoo grounds in an era when visiting a zoo often meant a day-long trip outside of the city limits."

Related images can also be browsed in Zoos and Aquaria in the Libraries' Galaxy of Images.

—Elizabeth Periale

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