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University of Alberta Intern, Laura Winton

Laura Winton is an intern working in the Digital Services Division this
summer. She has spent much of her time helping with the Smithsonian Research
Online service and has been responsible for the addition of over 1000 citations
to the Smithsonian Research Bibliography. This includes the series: Smithsonian
Miscellaneous Collections (1853-1969) and the Bulletin of the Bureau of
American Ethnology (1886-1965).


Originally from Toronto, Ontario (way up yonder), Laura is currently living
in Edmonton, Alberta (way, way up yonder) where she is working on her Masters of Library and Information Studies
at the University of Alberta. Her
master’s thesis explores the burgeoning field of transmedia fiction and the
reading practices authorized by new media formats.

So far Laura lists Madame Tusaud’s, The National Gallery of Art, the Library
of Congress, and the delicious bread at au bon pain as the highlights of DC.
She looks forward to her trip to New York (where she hopes not to be mugged),
visiting the Zoo (where she hopes not to be eaten), and further visits to
Georgetown (where she hopes to spend the remainder of her student loans).

Her assistance has been invaluable and we would love to keep her past August
13th, when she is scheduled to return north of the border.


  1. Micah

    Laura! You rule! Hurrah for your awesome work at the Smithsonian!
    See you when you get back to Edmonton (way, way up here yonder).

  2. Sarah A.

    What a great experience Laura. See you in September (if you manage to outwit the carnivores at the zoo)!

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