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Ebook downloads of Smithsonian publications

4846494650_ffd6138d96_b Smithsonian Libraries has been working with the SI Scholarly Press to make our SI publications available on more platforms, which now includes mobile ePublications. This is a first test of free, downloadable mobile content that we hope to expand in the short term future. 

We've done some experimental conversion of two of the Smithsonian Contributions series to ePublication formats. More titles will be coming along soon.

We have both .epub (cross-platform) and .mobi (Kindle) versions available.

If you have an eReader of any flavor, please download the books and take a look.

Post any comments, criticism, suggestions (also let us know the device, operating system, and reader you were viewing the title on) as comments on this blog post.

We hope that this additional access method will assist those who are interested in these types of publication have additional ways of reading them. 

Our two test publications are:

  • Taxonomic revision of the Chiliotrichum group sensu stricto (Compositae: Astereae) by José M. Bonifacino (view/download)
  • The future of diving: 100 years of Haldane and beyond Edited by Michael A. Lang and Alf O. Brubakk (view/download)

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