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SIL staff attend meetings on new book technologies

5103421137_c848a464e0_b Nancy Gwinn, Martin Kalfatovic and Suzanne Pilsk attended two meetings sponsored and hosted by the Internet Archive. Held at the facilities of the Internet Archive in San Francisco, the gatherings focused on providing content and the future of books and reading in an online, and increasingly mobile, environment.

The Internet Archive Leaders' Forum brought together representatives from a number of institutions that digitize or share content through the Internet Archive. Participants shared where they were with their current projects and explored possibilities for future work and collaborations.

Books in Browsers, organized by the Internet Archive's Peter Brantley, brought together creators, libraries, publishers and technologists (attendee list) for a fast-paced two day meeting on the latest in presentation of text in the on-screen environment. 

These meetings highlighted the increasing pace in which technology is affecting the industries that revolve around the written word. In the information ecology, looking at the entire picture, from the creation of content to its ultimate consumption is important. Disruptive elements anywhere in the information ecology can have ramifications for participants far removed from the points of disruption.

As readers of this blog know, Smithsonian Libraries is actively engaged in digitization projects and also exploring conversion of these digital texts for on-screen and mobile reading.

Some of the presentations and other information can be found here:

– Martin R. Kalfatovic

(Brewster Kahle orchestrates group photo of participants)

Internet Archive Meetings

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