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More Pictures from STRI Visit

Director Nancy E. Gwinn and Associate Director and Mary Augusta Thomas traveled to Panama at the end of November, where they had very useful meetings with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Library and research staff. 

Mary Augusta Thomas at STRI Associate Director Mary Augusta Thomas at STRI

STRI LIbrarian Vielka Chang-Yau organized a coffee reception with several STRI scientists and researchers, including Fernando Santos Granero, STRI staff scientist with a research interest in the nature of native Amazonian sociality and how native Amazonians conceive of personhood. Santos Granero is a member of the STRI Internal Audiences Committee in charge of celebrating 100 years of Smithsonian science in Panama.

Gwinn and Thomas also met with Diane Hopkins, a STRI Library volunteer, who is creating an inventory and scanning a collection of maps housed at STRI. They also viewed the Panamanian Passages exhibit  that included wonderful old as well as new photographs of the STRI Library. Nancy E. Gwinn at STRI Director Nancy E. Gwinn at the reception at the STRI Library

Several Libraries Advisory Board members will accompany Gwinn and Thomas in February for a visit to STRI, which will include a visit to the site excavations at the canal.

Nancy E. Gwinn

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