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Snow Angels

These wonderful children's book illustrations make one yearn for snow.

They were done by the artist Karl Mühlmeister, about whom very little seems to be known. He is believed to have been born in Hamburg in 1876, and died around 1942-45, location unknown. Other images (see links below) by this artist are more painterly in style. These simple print illustrations have a charm all their own.

Hans Lustig: ein heiteres Bilderbuch, Karl Mühlmeister; mit alten und neuen Reimen. Publisher: München: Georg W. Dietrich, [19–]. Girl with Snowman, Boy with dog and sled.

More images from this publication are available.

Elizabeth Periale


Randzeichnungen, Notizen zur Kunst: Karl Mühlmeister

Christoph Roos: Karl Mühlmeister

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