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Featured Gifts and Exchange Partner: American Museum of Natural History

For many years, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries has had a publication exchange program with various organizations around the world. Our exchange partners are generally universities, academies of sciences and arts, museums, government entities, and societies. Through our agreements, we swap our material, primarily the  Smithsonian Contributions  (a series of monographs which are written on a variety of subjects like anthropology, botany, marine sciences, museum conservation, paleobiology, and zoology), in exchange for titles by other institutions. Each Smithsonian Contributions issue is published initially online, followed by a print version for those who prefer that. All published issues can be found at:






One of our scientific journal exchanges has been with the American Museum of Natural History Library in New York City.  We have worked with them since 1951 or before, according to our correspondence files. In exchange for our Smithsonian Contributions series and various National Museum of Natural History departmental publications, we receive their American Museum Novitates and Bulletin of the A.M.N.H., in addition to many of their monographic publications on paleontology, zoology, botany, and taxonomy and the systematics of various types of plants and animals.



Top: Cover of Catalogue of Seed Plants of the West Indies by Pedro Acevedo-Rodríguez and Mark T. Strong. Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, no. 98. via Smithsonian Scholarly Press.

Bottom – Tylosaurus from Animals of the past by Frederic A. Lucas. New York :[Amer. Mus. Press]1922., via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Dana Feil


  1. I have always wanted to visit this museum and my daughter also wants to make a visit, so we will arrange one wonderful journey as soon as possible!

  2. Justin Rentals

    I think it is really great that you have so many and variuos exchange partners. I believe this is very beneficial for the both sides. Good luck!

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