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Patio Furniture Time! Woodard Furniture

Woodard Furniture catalog 1934
Woodard Furniture catalog 1934


Over the past several years I’ve noticed a growing interest in wrought iron furniture- for both indoor and outdoor use, with people requesting information and images of furniture going back to the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Is there is a retro revival going on? Are people restoring their old patio furniture or finding missing or replacement pieces at auctions and yard sales?

I’ve been able to provide images of upholstery fabric, the component pieces of furniture sets, and the original colors of wrought iron furniture to researchers from our collection of trade literature in the Cooper-Hewitt Library.

Woodard Wrought Iron Furniture catalog
Woodard Wrought Iron Furniture catalog, 1939. 048536 CHM

One of the companies that make this furniture is Woodard Furniture of Owosso, Michigan, which has been in operation since 1866. We have many of their trade catalogs, covering several decades of production. In the 19th century they were manufacturing wooden furniture, and became known for their metal construction the 20th and now, 21st century.


Woodard catalog
Woodard catalog, 1969. 048535 CHM


If you’re in the area, the company currently has an exhibition celebrating their history at the Shiawassee Arts Center in Owosso, Michigan.

Worth of Woodard exhibition
Announcement for “The Worth of Woodard” exhibition, June-July 2012.


Elizabeth Broman


  1. Marc Parisot

    Well in todays era people taking more interest in luxury furniture. You can only see retro furniture in gov offices. But i personally prefer retro for my house..

  2. Sultan Furniture

    i love patio furniture, its look like contemporary style

  3. MC

    I love retro furniture, especially wrought iron ones.

  4. yellow

    We just found a vintage Woodard set (I’m pretty sure it is one, anyway). This is interesting!

  5. I love patio furnitures and i feel we can decorate our home with such lovely furnitures to give it a rustic look.

  6. Carol

    I just bought a house with a huge pool in CT and the sellers left all their 1950’s Woodard Patio furniture. 6 Tables, 8 Chaise Lounges, etc- I would like to see an original catalogue. Are these images online anywhere?

  7. Rick S

    I am very interested in the Woodard wrought iron furniture. I saw a 1957 Chantilly Rose ad for a set in pink (Mamie Eisenhower pink). It has 2 porcelain roses on the wrought iron stems in each corner under the glass top. We also have a six foot bench and four armchairs in Wildflower? Restored with black paint. We also have a table and four chairs in Orleans in “Spanish Moss” paint.
    I will be looking for more info on your site and welcome any ideas for more sources to study.

  8. Cindy Cupps

    Can you help me identify a piece of Woodard Chantilly Rose furniture? I’d like to restore it but need some info. I can’t locate anything on it. I can send you a picture. Thank you!

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