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Space Saving with the CHL!

catalogueofgames00milt_0001As many of you have likely heard by now, the Internet has reached capacity. We have simply digitized too much, posted too many pictures of our cats, and tweeted all the one liners possible. There is no more room. No more blog posts, no more Instagram accounts and certainly no more Facebook! Residents of the modern world have filled the Internet’s digital pages and it is now, at long last, complete.

And the repercussions for digital libraries have also begun. For the Cultural Heritage Library, that means we can no longer add to the collection available here. So, in an effort to continue to provide universal access to this collection, we are giving away the books that have not yet been digitized. While we will still house physical copies of digital materials, so we can periodically perform quality assurance measures, all other items from all Art, History, and Culture locations within the Smithsonian Libraries’ vast collection will be given away. Librarians at CHL simply ask that once you have finished a book, that you hand it to the person to your left, thereby ensuring a collection that continues a robust circulation, despite the end of the Internet.

Stop by today only to pick up your copy (or copies!) of books from the Smithsonian Libraries! But before you do, turn to the person on your right and wish them a Happy April Fool’s Day!catalogueofgames00milt_0001


  1. Sandy H.

    So cute! Thanks for taking the time to write that up.

  2. Mary Augusta

    This fits in perfectly with the new reference guidelines that were also published on April 1. We are streamlining operations afterall.

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