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Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Awards

Researcher with magnifying glass. The Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Awards allow mid-career educators to be in residence and utilize the Smithsonian Libraries distinctive collections, focusing on science, history, culture and arts.  The awards are open to middle & high school teachers, college teachers, and museum educators working on curriculum development or publications in print or electronic form. The Library offers excellent resources for developing curricula relating to Common Core, Core Arts Standards, and Advanced Placement curricula.

The Smithsonian Libraries is pleased to offer a call for applicants for the 2017 Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educators Award. The National Museum of Natural History Library is the host library for the selected 2017 Educator. The National Museum of Natural History Libraries consists of the main location (on the 1st floor and basement of the NMNH’s East Court) and 11 specialized collections throughout the NMNH building totaling more than 500,000 volumes. These collections are located within the NMNH Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Botany, Vertebrate Zoology, Mineral Sciences and Paleobiology departments.

The 2017 Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educator awardee will have ample opportunity to explore, utilize, create, and share a project that contributes to continued learning and application of Natural History knowledge in education. • Topics could include, but are not limited to:

• Taxonomies and animal and plant structures
• Volcanology and the Ring of Fire
• Organism life cycles
• Ecosystem health and degradation

In addition to library resources, the awardee will have the opportunity to engage with staff, and researchers at the National Museum of Natural History; attend Smithsonian or NMNH sponsored festivals, symposia, programs and events to enhance the resident experience.

Applicants must be current middle school, high school, or college teachers or museum educators working on curriculum development or publications. They may not reside within commuting distance of the National Museum of Natural History Library in Washington DC, where they will conduct their research. This award is not intended to further the research of doctoral candidates or post-doctoral scholars. One award is offered each year. Awards may not be used to extend other Smithsonian appointments.

How to apply:
Selection is based upon a brief proposal (no more than three pages), and current resumé. The proposal should include:
• Description of the project and intended outcome
• The relationship of Natural History Library collections to the project
• A current resumé
• One letter of recommendation
• The length and preferred dates of the residency

Applications should be submitted through the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment system (SOLAA) at You will be required to create an account. You may review the SOLAA User’s Guide on the website to familiarize yourself with application procedures.

Applications are accepted through November 4, 2016. Only complete applications will be reviewed. The Awardee of the 2017 Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educator will be notified by the end of November, 2016.

Following the summer residency with the Smithsonian Libraries, the awardee will provide a presentation of their research, and submit a short report on their project at the Natural History Library, the primary site where the research is conducted. Should any publication result from this residency, the awardee will also provide the Natural History Library a copy to be added to the collection.

The Katherine Neville-Karl Pribram Mid-Career Educators Awards were established in 2013 through the generosity of best-selling novelist Katherine Neville and neuroscientist Karl H. Pribram.

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