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Author: Jen Cohlman Bracchi

Liberating fashion: Poiret’s plates

three ladies wearing long evening dresses
Les Robes De Paul Poiret racontées par Paul Iribe. (1908) Smithsonian Libraries.

This fashion plate from Les Robes De Paul Poiret (1908) is one of eleven illustrations, all recently scanned and now available for your viewing pleasure. Poiret is often credited with liberating women from the body constricting corsets popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras (1837-1910).

Building a Digital Bridge: Connecting Museum and Library Content

cover of book, Timeless Sources: Rare books at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
Timeless Sources: Rare Books at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

The invisible boundary between the cataloging systems of museums and libraries has traditionally presented challenges to the integration of intrinsically-connected content. The achievements of Europeana and Australia’s Trove systems demonstrate the power of combining museum and library catalogs on a large scale. Cooper-Hewitt’s recent Historical Publications initiative combines the resources of the Museum and Library, focusing on past museum publications and successfully bridging two divergent collection systems.