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Category: Trade Literature

Tulip Day

You can never have too many tulips.—Elizabeth Periale D.M. Ferry & Co., Bulbs and Seeds Autumn 1897, 1897, Back Cover John Lewis Childs, Fall Catalogue of Bulbs that Bloom, 1899, more »

More Work for Mother?

The 20th century saw the advance of many labor-saving appliances. Vacuum cleaners were particularly targeted to women, becoming more portable by the 1920’s  and emphasizing the increased importance attributed to hygiene and health. In more »

Arbor Day

Happy Arbor Day from Smithsonian Libraries. Hieronymus Bock, Kreütterbuch darin unterscheidt Nammen und Würckung der Kreütter [Herbal], 1587. Charles Wilkes, Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition…, 1845. Oscar H. more »