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White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits

Rodda Easter Candy, ca. 1925, bunny with guitar

Rodda Easter Candy, ca. 1925, bunny with guitar

Did you say, "White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits" this morning to guarantee good luck for the rest of the month? Or "Rabbit, rabbit?" or "Bunny bunny hop hop" or any of the other tons of variations?

The Libraries has a few rabbits or, if you prefer, hares available for your perusal in its Galaxy of Images. Good luck! Just a hop, skip and a…oh, never mind.—Elizabeth Periale


  1. It’s a new fiscal year–we can use all the luck we can get.
    If you miss first thing in the morning, there is a tradition that saying rabbit backward anytime that 1st day works. Tibbar, Tibbar.
    Notice that the “history” of the usage goes back 50+ years at least.

  2. It is amazing how integrated the rabbit is in so many cultures! Yet it is so misunderstood by people today how intelligent and strong these little critters are!

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