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Tag: Agriculture

The Concord Grape and American Wine Making

Ephraim Wales Bull (Dibner MS  )
Ephraim Wales Bull tending his vines (Dibner Library, Smithsonian Libraries MSS202A )


Now that the season for harvesting grapes in New England is here, let’s raise a glass to Ephraim Bull, the originator of the all-time popular grape in America, the Concord. Readily associated with juice and jelly and long out of favor in viticulture, Concord grape is having a bit of resurgence with the interest in DIY home brewing and fermenting. If faced with an abundance of the easily grown grape on one’s garden fence or arbor, recipes and techniques for bottling your own wine are found in many online guides. For full appreciation, a toast to Bull, his grape and their faded wine history is in order.