Downtown Progress, 1960-1977

  This post was contributed by Kaitlyn Tanis, intern at the American Art and Portrait Gallery Library. Walking around downtown Washington, D.C. (located between the Capitol and the White House) is always a sight to behold. Between the grand marble buildings, the throngs of tourists, museums, and the vast number of restaurants, downtown D.C. represents the diversity and beauty of the city. However, the area was not always a thriving tourist destination.  Pre- more »

Windsock Datafiles

Researchers have indicated that the Windsock Datafiles are an excellent reference for anyone interested in World War I aviation.

Bessie Coleman

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman, born in Texas in 1892, was the first female African American pilot, and the first African American to obtain an international pilot’s license.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

To celebrate the 16th president’s birthday the Libraries has many items in its collections. Here are some highlights.

New and Notable—National Museum of American History Library

The Libraries would like to highlight some more new and diverse titles that have been added recently to the National Museum of American History Library.

“Remember Pearl Harbor”

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History Library has many items in its collections about this fateful day. We included some in our post, Pearl Harbor Day, last year. We’d like to share a few others worth mentioning from the collection this year, as well.

Clara Barton’s Ambulance

The International Red Cross was organized on this date in 1863, in Geneva, Switzerland. The Libraries has many interesting items in its collections, on Clara Barton and the history of the American Red Cross.

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