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“Remember Pearl Harbor”

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History Library has many items in its collections about this fateful day. We included some in our post, Pearl Harbor Day, last year. We'd like to share a few others from the collection this year, as well:

Resurrection: salvaging the battle fleet at Pearl Harbor, Daniel Madsen. [It concerns the enormous task of ship salvage and rebuilding the base.]

Long day's journey into war: December 7, 1941, Stanley Weintraub. [It reports each hour of December 7th in Hawaii and around the world.]

Chris Cottrill and Elizabeth Periale

Image: Remember Pearl Harbor Lapel Pin, from The Price of Freedom: Americans at War.

After the 7 December 1941 bombing of the military base at Pearl Harbor, Americans rallied around the war effort with the patriotic cry, "Remember Pearl Harbor." Thousands of buttons or lapel pins were distributed to remind Americans of the tragic event and to solidify the war efforts.

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