Chocolate Bunny

Hope you didn’t overindulge … “Jack” weighed approximately 5 pounds!

Just Add Chocolate

For National Cocoa Day we thought we might share some chocolate recipes from our staff—a recipe for chili from Polly Lasker, and some hot chocolate from Ninette Dean—both sure to warm you up. Just add chocolate!

Sweet Success of Hershey

February 9th celebrates the world of Milton S. Hershey and the introduction of the Hershey bar. From the humble beginnings of a caramel manufacturer, Hershey paved the way to mass produce milk chocolate bars. It all started with a visit to the J. M. Lehmann exhibition of milk chocolate  during the 1893 Chicago Fair. Hershey recognized an opportunity and purchased all the assembly equipment. After the close of the fair, the equipment  was then shipped to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he built his plant and town. Hershey stopped production of his caramels to focus solely milk chocolate production. After a lot of trial and error, by 1900 the first Hershey bar was introduced. Ahhh, sweet success.  You can find several books on Hershey in the Libraries collection at NMAH.  The Emporors of chocolate : inside the world of Hershey and Mars by Joel Glenn Brenner 1999.  Hershey : Milton S. Hershey's extrordinary life of wealth, empire, and utopian dreams by Michael D'Antonio 2006  Hershey chocolate cookbook, Hershey Chocolate Co. 1979.  Hershey farsighted confectioner, famous chocolate, fine community. Sammuel Forry Hinkle 1964.  Chocolate more »

Top Ten Countdown

R.E. Rodda Candy Company, Rodda Easter Candy , ca. 1925, chocolate bunny (above), chocolate chicken (below) Taking a page from O Say Can You See, the National Museum of American History blog, the Libraries has also taken a look back at its blog entries since February 2009, when we started posting daily. Libraries staff have created some very interesting posts—as interesting and varied as its collections. We are all having fun sharing our collections and activities and are happy to report that our traffic has increased—so you must be enjoying it, too! Here are the top ten posts for 2009: 1. Sunday, April 12—Chocolate Rabbits and…Elephants!—Apparently the delicious combination of chocolate, rabbits, and elephants proved hard to resist in our most popular post—Alexia MacClain's wonderful Easter-themed entry, from the trade literature collection at the National Museum of American History Library. 2. Tuesday, April 14—National Library Workers Day—It's heartening to discover that one of our most popular posts this year focused on the staff of the Libraries. Whoo hoo for us! 3. more »

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