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Another Picturing Words gem

Picturing Words: the Power of Book Illustration
is currently on display in the National Museum of American History.

From the Illustrating Natural History section:

Das Mineralreich (The Mineral Kingdom)
Reinhard Brauns (1861-1937)
with additions by Leonard J. Spencer

Esslingen a. N.: J. F. Schreiber, 1912

At the end of the 18th century, a growing popular interest in natural
history resulted in an increase of illustrated field guides and collectors'
manuals. Images of plant and mineral specimens, drawn from nature, were
printed for study and comparison. Improvements in color printing allowed
artists, scientists, and publishers to include intricate details.

Images of mineral specimens were accurately drawn and colored to
illustrate Reinhard Brauns’ Das Mineralreich (The Mineral Kingdom). The
plates were issued bound in the book and separately. —Elizabeth Periale


  1. Nice pictures of gem. Hopefully, i can collect them all.

  2. This stones looks nice. I want to see and touch them in person.

  3. We had a day where some of our preschool teachers brought in rocks for the kids to paint and make “pretty”, these beautiful gems just reminded of how cute the little kids were!

  4. tink

    is it true that there are red diamonds and these red diamonds are the most precious of them all?

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