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Turkmenistan visitors tour the Dibner Library

Hieronymous Brunschwig, Kleines Distillierbuch, 8 May 1500On March 5, Deputy Director Mary Augusta Thomas hosted Turkmenistan visitors Mr. Kerim Atahanov, Deputy Director, State Children's Library, and Mr. Rozyjuma Byashimov, Dean, Libraries and Museums Faculty, Turkmen State Institute of Culture. The two visitors were sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

Head of Special Collections Lilla Vekerdy introduced them to the collections at the Dibner Library, which included Turkmen material as well as children’s books.

Thomas offered the visitors an overview of the Libraries and its collections, and they discussed the Libraries' technology infrastructure, including its digital library collections, on-line library catalog and website. —Elizabeth Periale

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