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The Food of the Gods

Brandon Head, The food of the gods, a popular account of cocoa, 1903

The National Museum of American History blog recently ran a post on a candy maker. Being good librarians, we tried to check and see if we had any additional information on Mrs. Ora Snyder and sadly, didn't. But the National Museum of American History Library does have many trade literature items that feature candy and candy making. Items include catalogs from the Confectioners’ Machinery & Mfg. Co. and the Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Co., which feature candy making and chocolate machinery. C-H Electrical Appliances for Candy Makers, a 1919 catalog from Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Co., includes an item called the Radiant Batch Heater which was used to make hard candy. The catalog from the Confectioners’ Machinery & Mfg. Co., entitled Machinery for the manufacture of confectionery 10th ed., also includes candy machinery such as the Springfield Marshmallow Beater and Springfield Cream Beater. Yummm!!! —Elizabeth Periale

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  1. the food of goods, what a suit feat for chocolate..:-D, chocolate dominate all the holiday food.

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