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Alexander Lawrie carte-de-visite – AA/PG Library

Alexander lawrie sm Alexander Lawrie (born New York, NY, 1828; died Lafayette, IN, 1917)

Alexander Lawrie, son of a Scottish immigrant, started his artistic career by apprenticing as a wood engraver at the age of 16. By 1852 he had moved to Phildadelphia where he was most likely enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where several of his paintings were exhibited. In 1855 Lawrie and his friend William Trost Richards (an American landscape artist) sailed to Europe. After a brief time in Paris, Lawrie went to Düsseldorf Germany and began studying with Emanuel Leutze (an artist most famous nowadays for his painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware). After 22 months with Leutze, Lawrie went to Florence for further instruction and returned to the United States in 1857.

When the American Civil War broke out, Lawrie enlisted as private in the Seventeenth Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in 1861 and rose to the rank of Captain. As part of General Burnside's march from Sharpsburg, MD to Fredericksburg, VA, Lawire was exposed to six days and nights of rain which resulted in illness and a military discharge in 1863. Eventually he moved to New York City and opened a studio there. During the late 1860s he focused on painting landscapes in the Adirondacks and around the Hudson River. Eventually his interest turned from landscape to portraiture which he focused on almost exclusively after 1874. However, he never achieved great success as an artist.

At the age of 73, illnesses past and present began to take their toll. As he had served in the Civil War, he was entitled to enter the State Soldier's Home in Lafayette, Indiana. He continued to work at the home, painting portraits of American generals and heroes of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars until he died of pneumonia at the age of 89. He bequeathed this collection of 167 portraits to the State Soldier's home. The collection includes portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Generals Washington, Grant, Burnside, Sheridan, and Sherman. The collection continues to be held by the state of Indiana.

This carte-de-visite is from an album held in the American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery Library.


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  1. Alexander Lawrie – was a soldier and great artist – painter!!

  2. Greg Hall

    There is a monument marking Captain Alexander’s grave at the West Point Cemetery, Near Wolcott Indiana, in white county.

  3. Shelley

    The paintings are held at the Indiana Veterans’ Home in West Lafayette IN. Selected paintings were exhibited in fall, 2003 at Westwood, the residence of the president of Purdue University, but that is the last time they were seen in public. At that time, they were stored in less than optimal conditions to ensure their preservation. According to the IN Veterans’ Home Six Year Vision plan for 2009-2015, the IVH planned to seek fudning and resources to catalog and display the paintings. I am working to determine what has been done to date.

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