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New and Notable Pop-ups & Movables: Yellow Square


From Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn

Yellow Square: a pop-up book for children of all ages.  David A. Carter. New York: Little Simon, c.2008. 

David A. Carter , a pop-up book artist and paper engineer living in California, has created more than forty colorful, playful, and awe inspiring pop-up books since the 1980s that include a series that feature bugs—How Many Bugs in a Box?, Love Bugs, Feely Bugs, Halloween Bugs, and Jingle Bugs.  With his One Red Dot, Blue 2, 600 Black Spots, and here with Yellow Square, Carter engages both the child and adult reader in discovering and counting  “hidden” images in the book.    

Yellow Square, containing nine pop-ups that dramatically lift from each page by using string, v-folds, twirling mechanisms, and wheels, is a book that instructs while being an extraordinarily entertaining work of paper engineering. More images can be viewed on the Libraries' flickr site.—Elizabeth Broman

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  1. Warmest Greetings, I thoroughly enjoyed your post immensely, And I thought these books were just the most terrific things for both kids and adults. Such fun. But anyhow, you have an interesting subject here and I thank you for letting me share this with you.

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