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Tag: pop-ups

Artists’ Books at AA/PG: Kara Walker’s Pop-up

Kara Walker Freedom: A Fable
Kara Walker Freedom: A Fable

Many of the artists’ books in the Smithsonian American Art & Portrait Gallery Library’s collection tell stories—from personal struggles with addiction, to pictorial descriptions of how to create a human salad, to universal stories of historical conflicts, such as Kara Walker’s book “Freedom: A Fable.”

Paper Engineering Lecture Series Continues with … David Carter

Fans and critics worldwide agree that David A. Carter is paper engineering extraordinaire. In his latest creation, One Red Dot, Carter has adopted a design scheme reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s mobiles —innovative in its approach and infused with motion, abstract patterns, and fluidity. With contemporary pop-up spreads and a feisty red dot to find on each page, this modern work of art is both a count-to-ten activity book and an artistic adventure rolled into one!

Featuring: Moderne Technik

How better to explain the workings of a locomotive, a steam engine, an automobile motor, or a pumping system than by using a series of flaps that, when opened gradually, reveal the inner workings of these complex machines? Moderne Technik provides a comprehensive view of the workings of the latest technological advances used in transportation and machines for industrial manufacturing of the early 20th century.