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Japan Academy 日本学士院

Japan academy 01

Japan Academy 03

This month’s featured S.I.
Libraries exchange partner is the 120-year-old Japan Academy in Ueno
, Tokyo, Japan founded in 1897 by Yukichi Fukuzawa under
the name Tokyo Academy

The Academy’s mission is “to
contribute to the advancement of science both in Japan and abroad.”  It has 150 regular members, who are selected
based on their scientific accomplishments. 
Its main activities include:

  • compiling
    and publishing the Academy’s journals

  • conducting
    exchanges with academies and other organizations in other countries

They began sending us their Proceedings
of the Japan Academy: Series A
(mathematical sciences) and Proceedings
of the Japan Academy:  Series B

(physical and biological sciences) in 1975, and the Libraries has been adding the issues
to our collections ever since.—Dana Feil and Polly Khater

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